#16 Call Sell: PEI JUL 19'19 7 @0.55

Updated: 11 February, 2020 seen 25

On May 17th, 2019, I made the following put call -  PEI JUL 19'19 7 @0.55

This was the second call sell in my short options trader career, and already the tenth (#16) from total options trade. 

I have been selling puts on PEI stock since April 2019 and decided to sell a call, after I actually bought 100 shares of PEI for our daughter's portfolio

Got for this trade a premium of $55, but I will be obligated to sell 100 shares of PEI if the strike price will be  $7 and more per share by JUL 19, 2019. Now as PEI is currently trading well above 7, there is a huge chance I will have to exercise roll forward options. 

Break-even price: $7.55