2018 Piece of Life Top Photos

Updated: 14 November, 2018 seen 111

The Piece of Life is a photo project run by two. Here mostly are featured images that didn't find a separate photo story or in most cases just looks great.

On November 14th, it was already the third anniversary for the Piece of Life photo project. See: 'Piece of Life' Photo project turns One and 2017 Piece of Life Top Photos

To celebrate this little anniversary I decided to list top 15 photos from Piece of Life project published in the time frame from  November 2017 - November 2018, and proudly name this photo compilation 2018 Piece of Life Top Photos

The Piece of Life is a project implemented in the blog.  The content from Piece of Life series has generated humble 2,604 page views in the last year (November 14, 2018 - November 14, 2017), which makes very modest 0.15% from the total website page views.

From the commercial perspective it should be noted, ad revenue from Google AdSense units served on Piece of Life content has made a whopping $1.25.

Not to speak more, here are the top 15 photo stories in 2018