#25 Roll Forward Put Sell: BKS JUL 19'19 5 @0.9

Updated: 23 December, 2019 seen 23

On June 5th, 2019, I made the following put sell - BKS JUL 19'19 5 @0.9 or I roll forwarded a put sell I made back in May (#15 Put Sell: BKS JUN 21'19 5 Put @0.3)

BKS stands for Barnes & Noble, Inc., and in June it was announced that it will be acquired by Elliott for $6.50/share

Elliott’s acquisition of Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, follows its June 2018 acquisition of Waterstones, the largest retail bookseller in the United Kingdom. James Daunt, CEO of Waterstones, will assume also the role of CEO of Barnes & Noble following the completion of the transaction and will be based in New York.

The $6.50 per share purchase price represents a 43% premium to the 10-day volume weighted average closing share price of Barnes & Noble’s common stock ended June 5, 2019, the day before rumors of a potential transaction were reported in the media.

Frankly speaking, I feel glad the acquisition is going to a happen and I will be able to exit the trade, as BKS most probably is not the stock I would love to have for a long term.

To roll forward this options trade t I had to sell my previous position (Loss here - $46.8) and open the new in which I collected a premium of $87.6 (after commissions).  I made a small profit here at $15.6