3 Day Experiment With Facebook Conversions Ads

Updated: 7 May, 2017 seen 321

In this article I'll review a mini case study from my 3 day experiments with Facebook conversions ads, at the end of this article I'l provide a brief tutorial on how to setup Facebook conversion advertising for your website.

I've a love/hate relationships when it comes down to Facebook advertising, I've been using Facebook ads for years with mixed results. Facebook ads helps to drive traffic, and it helps to drive likes and shares like a crazy. Depending on your topic and niche the results will vary. 

In general I've been spending money on Facebook ads to generate some buzz around my blog, and it have helped a lot, just for a few times I've used Facebook advertising for generating leads.

In this 3 day experiment with Facebook advertising I'll promote tours in Georgia, service I launched at the start of 2017, and service which actually works pretty good without any advertising, as I have zillions of articles related to travel in Georgia (see: All about Georgia), I've been adding links to request a quote page from top performing Georgia related pages and in matter of just two months have gathered 25 requests, with one trip already happened and more to come.

Unfortunately not all travel requests have turned into finalized tours, but hey, it's how it works in travel industry - flights get canceled, plans are changed and so on.

Facebook advertisement campaign for 3 days

I decided to promote tours in Georgia for users in United Arab Emirates and Qatar for 3 days with $15 budget.

Day 1

I decided to go with UAE and Qatar as most of the previous travel request have been from UAE (about 95%) and Qatar (about 2%). I selected both of the countries as target, but my ad didn't get served in UAE for the first day as I was using non allowed text in description - wine tours, I noticed this issue just after first day.

For the first day of serving this ad I got 186 clicks from Qatar for $3.65 with cost per click $0.02. Which is a nice result as I believe. Unfortunately no lead or conversion after first day.

Verdict - targeting could be done better / Qatar probably is not the main target country for tours in Georgia.

Day 2

I decided to change my ad settings and serve this ad just in United Arab Emirates, after I edited description of this ad and removed wine tours from description, the ad got approved for UAE 

Got 151 clicks, with average cost per click $0,03. Still no reservations.

Day 3

I'm not changing anything in ad settings.

160 click with average cost per click $0.04. 2 reservations. Victory


My ad actually got served for 4 days, because for a brief moment I stopped this campaign to adjust country targeting settings. In total I spent $15, got 573 conversions (clicks back to article) and 2 reservations. I cannot say it yet for sure, because bookings still could be canceled, but if not for these two bookings I would get a commission of $200. That' s a profit more than 13 times of marketing budget. Now, as stated these bookings are not yet finalized and I cannot for sure. What I can say for sure - Facebook advertisement works, it generates clicks, and clicks generates leads. 3 days might be too short, and for a better understanding it would be recommended to extend such experiment for at least one month with a higher budget

How to create Facebook Conversions advertisement


You will need to install Facebook Pixel and optional you should create a custom audience segment, see:

Don't worry, if it seems complicated right now, you could actually skip this step right now and proceed with setting up an conversion ad, as step by step guide will be provided on Facebook ads manager

Setup add

Visit https://facebook.com/ads/manager, then click Create add and choose Conversations

Facebook conversions ads

Facebook conversions ads

Get people to take valuable actions on your website or app, such as adding payment info or making a purchase. Use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions.

Click on Continue button

You will be asked to select conversion event, now it is a good time to setup a Facebook pixel (if you haven't already)

Conversion event

Conversion event

Next define your target audience, you could either create a new or use saved audiences, if you have Facebook pixel installed already on your website.

Audience definition

Audience definition 

Here you should choose target country, city or region, age, gender, languages and Detailed Targeting based on user interests

Under Budget & Schedule enter limit for your ad and set how long this add should run. For this experiment I'm using $15 lifetime budget for 3 days

Click continue and format your add

Format Facebook ad

Format Facebook ad

I'm going for Single image post, with option to create up to 6 ads with one image each at no extra cost. The image you are adding to your ads have a huge impact on click through rate. And option to use 6 images helps to select best performing ad over time. As I'm a semiprofessional photographer I have a library already established with my best works, in case you don't have your own images, you could use a free stock library offered by Facebook or go out and find some stock image for purchase.

Now it's time to enter landing page and description text for your ad.

Review your ad settings and once you are satisfied click Place order button, and if approved your ad should be up and running in matter of 15 minutes to 1 hour.

The Bottom Line

Facebook ads are cost effective (from my experience lot cheaper than Google Adwords) and if used repeatedly could help to drive more sales. As this 3 day experiment seems was too short to get real understanding and evaluate Facebook ads, I'm planing to create a new experiment soon, this time using ads to promote travel deal website instead of blog. I will keep posted.