30 day challenge - switching to Bing

Updated: 26 February, 2016 seen 944

I love to experiment, make tests and measure results. It is good to perform tests. There is always a chance that you will actually learn something new. This time I decided temporary switch from Google to Bing as my default search engine.

For the last decade Google has been my choice #1 in search, but that doesn't mean there are no alternatives, like Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Some are good, and some are not. My blog is getting little to no traffic from Bing search. Well there were times I didn't get any traffic from Google either, but still - Bing leaves a good reputation making me to think it is widely used in United States. And since I'm willing to attract US visitors - I decided to give it a try for Bing.

I'll start, by completely changing my search behavior this month - I'm switching to Bing search till end of February.

It means I will not only type bing.com instead of google.com, but I will add it as my default search engine in Chrome as well. 

Let the Bing discoveries begins!

Update: See my findings here - 30 days challenge - switching back from Bing to Google