30 days challenge - switching back from Bing to Google

Updated: 26 February, 2016 seen 1,317

Nah, it's not for me - or the habit has the most power.

After one month of using Bing, I can tell you following - Bing is ok, but Google is much better, so do not bother yourself with experiments of using Bing. After all I ended of manual typing google.com just because, Google gave me more related search I was looking for. And if speaking of locale languages, there is no way Bing can satisfy my needs. 

So sorry Bing, I'm switching back to Google.

But it doesn't mean you should ignore Bing, No. Bing has great Webmaster tool, so go get there and look can Bing help you drive more traffic. It didn't helped me much last month. 99% of organic search traffic for my sites came from Google.