35 Touristic Places I have Re-Discovered in Republic of Georgia During 2015

Updated: 13 March, 2018 seen 1,102

As year is coming to the end I decided to take a look back and see how my travels in Republic of Georgia went in 2015. Turns out I have reviewed more than 35 cool tourist attractions in Georgia.

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I actually started such flashback back in 2014, take a look how I discovered just 15 places in 2014

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After almost 5 years of living in Georgia I feel a pretty much PRO Georgia traveler. On the other hand there are still plenty of places I haven't been and would love to visit. Hopefully in next 2016 year I will add more cool tourist attraction sites in Georgia on my blog. I feel it's time to visit region of Svaneti next year.

But now, here are the list with 35 places I have both discovered and rediscovered during 2015. I hope my discoveries may help you planing your future trips around Georgia. 


For a complete map of Georgia take a look here




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