36 Popular and Unusual Places to Visit in Tbilisi

Updated: 15 January, 2017 seen 3,053

In this article you will find 36 popular and not very well known tourism objects in Tbilisi, Georgia. Those are places I have visited and documented during for the past 5 years, by living as an expatriate in Georgia (mostly in Tbilisi).

 Some of the objects are from the Tbilisi TOP 10 list, while others are not very well known and documented in travel guides.

The idea for such an article arise after I created a poll - Tbilisi is the Capital of...? And I was surprised seeing that 75% did know, that the capital of Georgia is Tbilisi. So, here comes 36 tourism objects in Tbilisi, if you are planing your trip here. Alternatively take a look on All about Georgia section to discover even more.


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