#4 Closed 1 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE:BMY) Covered Call with +$91.6 Profit (1.41% yield in 8 days)

Updated: 1 June, 2021 seen 39

A short video how I made a quick $91.6 by writing a covered call on NYSE:BMY stock


Hello everyone, my name is Reinis Fischer  and you're watching my YouTube channel  where I talk about stock investments and options trading 

Today I'm going to talk about how I made a quick 100 bucks in eight days by selling a covered call on Bristol Myers Squibb stock.

A long story short on April 15 I bought 100 shares paying about $64.51 per share. In total, my investment was $6,451. Simultaneously, or I did the so-called buy/write operation, I sold a covered call on this stock was expiry in the next week, setting my strike price $65

I was buying this stock for $64.51 and I was setting my strike price 49 cents higher. For this trade, I got in premiums about 45 bucks,  and a week later my hundred shares got called away and I realized my max gain -  a 91  dollar and 60 cents or that's about 1.48  yield in eight days. I find this quite  awesome 

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