On July 29th, 2019, I made the following in the money (ITM) put sell -  AMD AUG 2'19 29 Put @0.24

This was already the forty-sixth (#46) put sell from my short options trader career.

This trade was more an experiment with shorter-term options, as usually, I sell only on dividend-paying stocks, mostly with longer-term (more than 30 days). AMD is an exception, AMD doesn't pay a dividend. This trade was an experiment, I don't plan to make such trades a lot in the future

AMD currently is trading at $33.48. Got for this trade a premium of $24, but I will be obligated (I will try to close the position before) to buy 100 shares of AMD if the price will drop below $29 USD per share by Aug 2, 2019. 

Break-even price: $28.76

This latest trade gives 67.97% yield annually

I took this trade because of following reasons - to boost my total options income in July, and to test new ideas..

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