90 days in a row of writing articles for a new start-up

I started my blog with a blog contest for myself - Can you blog 365 days in a row. I has been already 6 months since that, and I'm writing articles every day. 

Update: The further mentioned start up company in this article is not active anymore, though all Drupal related content is kept on this blog (the one you are currently reading)

Why I decided to approach blogging that way? It keeps me motivated. It allows more pages to be indexed on Google, and attracts me more visitors. Visitors are salt of the blog. Since I started to blog, my traffic count has steadily increased.


Right now I'm talking about some modest 500 visitors in a month. I'm not using much Social activities, like posting on Facebook or Twitter. Well I actually did, at start, 30 days in a row I retweeted my posts on Twitter, but results were too modest, so I decided to pause my activities on Twitter and focus more on search.

Recently I re-launched my startup - Drupal development company. And now I'm looking ways to keep me motivated there as well. Again what can motive a Drupal development company? Sales, acquiring new customers, that's right! In order to get sales we need some visitors, in order to acquire some visitors we need some content both promote on social networks, and get organically from Search.

That's way I decided to make another mini contest of writing articles 90 days in a row for my start-up. 

If in my blog I'm writing about everything I like, then in case of Drupal development agency I'm tied to specific niche - Drupal. If you will visit that site, you will see I'm running Google Ads there, I know it's not a best idea, how to promote yourself as startuper. But I'm being realistic, I doubt that in matter of next 90 days I will acquire some customer, but I'm sure I will acquire some visitors, who could earn me some commission. The thing is Drupal related ads are pretty pricey.

In next 90 days, I have an option to write highly niche specific articles, what will help me later on. For now, it's not an option, just launch a site, and call it a billion dollar startup.