Adding Fortum (HEL: FORTUM) stock to Watchlist

Updated: 24 October, 2018 seen 108

At the end of October 2018, I have added Fortum stock to my Stock Watchlist. Fortum is an energy company from Finland, with the Government of Finland being the largest shareholder (52.43%, including shares of State Pension Fund and Kela)

Currently trading at EUR 18.75 per share, this stock has a dividend yield at about 5.88% and pays annually (March/April). I would love this stock more if it had a quarterly payment schedule, but most Nordic / Baltic stocks pay annually,

History of Fortum stock

History of Fortum stock

On October 24, 2018, I was watching Bloomberg TV and listened to the phone interview with Fortum CEO - Pekka Lundmark. As Finland and Scandinavia is a pretty familiar region to me (I spent about a year studying in Finland, back in 2006/2007) - I decided to explore more. 

My attention was caught because of the company has the foot in the Baltics (small, but still), anyhow here is what Fortum is all about:

Fortum Oyj is an energy company focusing on the Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland, Russia, and India. Fortum operates power plants, including co-generation plants, and generates and sells electricity and heat. In addition, Fortum provides waste services such as recycling, reutilisation, final disposal solutions and soil remediation and environmental constructions services. The company also provides other energy-related services and products e.g. expert services for power plants and electric vehicle charging. Fortum is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange and shares the number one position in the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Nordic climate index.

The Bottom Line

I'm not saying 100% that I will actually buy this stock, I'm saying Fortum looks at least interesting to me. There are two things that concern me know. 

  1. Annual dividend
  2. My stock broker doesn't give me access (trade permissions) to Helsinki stock exchange

I believe I can deal with 2. Regarding first... will see


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