Adding Royal Dutch Shell stock to Watchlist

Updated: 16 June, 2018 seen 119

At the end of May 2018, I have added Royal Dutch Shell stock to my Stock Watchlist.

Currently trading at EUR 29.40 per share, this stock has a dividend yield at about 5.12% and pays quarterly. 

As I don't have a lot of funds to invest right now, my buying power for the possible acquisition of Royal Dutch shares could be EUR 400 (in July or August). For EUR 400 I could buy 13 shares of Royal Dutch Shell.

With current dividend payout at 0.38 euro cents per share quarterly, it would give EUR 4.94 in following months: March, June, September, and December. Historically these are the lowest dividend income months in my portfolio. Lately, I've started to add more quarterly dividend paying companies to the portfolio, and right now it seems that majority of companies loves to pay exactly in these months.

Anyhow, if I will decide to go with this stock, then right now I'm looking to acquire Royal Dutch Shell stock before August 9, 2018 (ex-dividend date for September payment), to get two quarterly dividend payments in 2018.

I could get 2*4.94 = EUR 9.88 / USD 11.52 in additional dividends from my portfolio then by the end of 2018. That's little less than 1%. humble for 2018, but I have some kind of plan to use dollar cost averaging and beef up Royal Dutch shares in the future.

The Bottom Line

Being the largest company in Europe (by revenue) - Royal Dutch Shell seems as a nice add to my European stock portfolio


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