Adding Synereo AMP tokens as Long Term Hold to Alternative Crypto Currency Portfolio ($0.19)

Updated: 6 September, 2017 seen 440

Starting July 2017, I've been a buy & hold investor for some of the largest crypto currency tokens as of 2017 - BTH, ETH, LTC and XRP. In fact, XRP (Ripple) was added because of FOMO already, see: Why I Rushed to Buy Ripple (XRP) Cryptocurrency at $0.19

Last few months have taught me a lot in the crypto currency investing, and I'm still learning new things every day. A few weeks ago I decided it would be cool, to learn how to short, and kind of started day trading altcoins, right now it doesn't look anymore that I'm actually day trading, instead, I'm performing so called swing trades. See: Starting To Learn Crypto Currency Day Trading With EUR 25

I decided that if there will be any profit on a monthly basis, I will take 10% from profit and do whatever I want to do with them. As I finished my first month with swing trading with a small 0.00108110119 BTC profit, it felt good knowing I can withdraw 10% from that - 0.000108110119.

After all, I decided to reinvest this profit in long term altcoin holding positions. AMP Synereo is one of the few I'm looking for, right now. Also, I have thought about SC and STRAT tokens, and probably will add them in future, but right now - AMP Synereo.

The AMP is a cryptocurrency token designed and issued by Synereo in early 2015. AMPs lay at the foundation of Synereo’s attention economy. The amount of AMP tokens in existence was initially locked to two billion (2,000,000,000). Synereo is funded through AMP crowdsales, either by fundraising campaigns or selling AMPs privately to investors. From the entire collection of AMPs 61% was set aside for funding purposes. The first crowdsale was held March 2015, during which about 45 million AMPs were sold. The remaining 320 million AMPs that were left unsold from the crowdsale were burned. Synereo also has burned AMPs in other events, including 50% of all existing AMPs in September 2016. Learn more about Synereo

With AMP token in altcoin investment portfolio, I'm looking for a long term growth, and not planning to sell it earlier than 2020. But who knows.

Are you investing in altcoins? What are your five favourite coins, readers and I would love to hear- leave a comment!


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