Altcoin Trading Review 5 Months Later

About 5 months ago I decided to give it a try and start learning altcoin day/swing trading ( Starting To Learn Crypto Currency Day Trading With EUR 25

The idea was simple enough - I will use hard cash once in a month and buy BTC on for EUR 25 and then transfer them to to exchange in altcoins. Due to the increased BTC transaction costs I switched from buying BTC to buying LTC (litecoin)

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And remember, your capital is at risk - you could lose some or all of your money.

Here is what I told 5 months ago:

Now, I don't think I will manage to increase my initial EUR 25 investment 22 fold in next 5 months, what I'm looking - not to lose money in the next months. By the end of 2017, I'm looking to invest EUR 125 in total for day trading activities. If I will end this year with EUR 125 in my balance, after active trading - that will be a very valuable lesson already. 

Now 5 month later I have turned my initial EUR 125 investment into EUR 550 (that's about 4.4 fold increase)

Altcoin movement tracking in Google Spreadsheets

Altcoin movement tracking in Google Spreadsheets 

I developed a separate live Google Spreadsheet for tracking altcoin trades: Google Spreadsheet To Track BTC/Altcoin Trading on Monthly Basis

I never sold with a negative value, even when altcoin market was literally bleeding: Bitcoin Price Increases Altcoin Market Bleeding

At start I tried to spend a couple of hours per day by monitoring online, but latter it just got boring and I executed just a few trades per month (buying low selling high). 

I wouldn't say that I'm a great day trader or even a swing trader, the value growth happened because of overall market happenings, let's say this - I just surfed the wave.

At the start of 2018, when reviewing my financial goals (2017 in Review and Financial Goals for 2018) I decided to use the profits from altcoin swing trades and invest in the long term buy and hold operations 200 EUR. Which is quite nice actually. Frankly speaking it just feels I invested EUR 200 out of the blue. This was a quite an easy money. 

For the future plans (2018) - I have decided to continue to invest EUR 30 per month in altcoin trades, and hopefully ending year 2018 with at least EUR 1000 in value. Hard but very doable.

Here is the math:

Investing in 2018 starting capital EUR 350 + (EUR 30*11) = EUR 680

Now to turn EUR 680 into EUR 1000 doesn't sound way too problematic, knowing all the craziness with crypto. The question is will I be able to do that? In general its not even will I be able do that - it's about how markets will act in 2018.