Amazon Associates launches redesigned version

Updated: 9 March, 2016 seen 190

Today by logging into my Amazon Associates account to check my daily earnings from this partner program - I noticed a new, redesigned version.

I was using my older laptop with smaller screen size (1024 pixels) - and for the first time the website fitted in my browser window without any right scrolling (now, this means Amazon have thought about smaller screens - on the other hand - by trying to minimize windows, to check does the new design is responsive, it was not - responsive design would be a nice feature - as I believe I'm not the only one partner logging to Amazon Associates using mobile phone - a native app - would be even better)

Redesigned version of Amazon Associates

Redesigned version of Amazon Associates

The new interface looks much better and provides nice interactive graphs (Amazon started to introduce new changes already few months before, but complete redesign was launched on March 9, 2016)

One thing I noticed link building page has been moved under Tools - Site Strip. You can still build direct links, also you can link to best selling categories or use product search.

Great overall changes! Waiting for responsive design or native app.