Another contest - picking up high paying keywords

As you may already know - I'm doing can you blog 365 days in a row contest. I'm not competing with others, I'm competing just with myself. I'm doing this contest to improve my blogging skills, drive traffic, learn new things and earn some penny.

Speaking of penny making. Lately I have focused on Adsense. I have implemented Adsense on this blog and other sites I maintain. So far it's about $10 per month. Some time ago - I set up my first Google Adsense Goal, to earn enough to break even my expenses for hosting services - what is about $40 per month.

Today I decided to star focusing on high paying niches. By saying high paying I mean - about $1 per click. And next 30 days, I will do my best to write catchy and well optimized content for such keywords. In my next 30 day high paying keyword finding and article writing I'll try to inform how the process is going on.

Right now, I would say - I'm at start of my second self discovered globing phase - it's not about how often but how quality you (I) can write.

It starts tomorrow (18.02.) and ends (perhaps never) 17.03


Hi! My name is Reinis Fischer (38), a proud dad and devoted husband. CEO and Founder of Terramatris crypto hedge fund, drone enthusiast, world traveler, photographer, and passionate lover of Georgian cuisine (vegetarian).

An ex-pat living in Georgia since 2011, I trade stocks, take photographs, work out at the gym, and many more. Here I write about travel, finance, and other things that might interest me.