Bojana Stamenov Will Represent Serbia in Vienna

Updated: 19 February, 2015 seen 552

Serbian TVaudience and the expert jury have decided to entrust the role of representative at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest to Bojana Stamenov and her song Ceo Svet Je Moj, giving her the greatest number of votes.

In a two-hour show broadcasted live from Belgrade, this year's contestants Aleksa Jelić, Danica Krstić and Bojana Stamenov have performed their songs, for a very first time in front of the audience. For the final decision, RTS was using the same pattern as the Eurovision Song Contest (50:50). In other words, the TV viewers in Serbia (via televoting) and the expert jury have shared their votes during the live broadcast after all songs have been performed. After the points from the jury and the audience have been merged the winner was announced.