Boost Amazon Associates Earnings in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Japan with OneLink

Updated: 3 November, 2017 seen 163

Another great news for existing Amazon Associates with international website traffic, starting November 1st, 2017 have expanded reach for OneLink - now you can monetize traffic from US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Japan with a pretty easy one-time setup OneLink.

OneLink feature was first introduced in Summer of 2017 for UK and Canada only, see: Boost Amazon Associates Earnings in UK and Canada with OneLink

As you might already know Amazon operates several online stores across the world with different domain name endings - and .ca are just a few of them. If you were promoting .com version products you might be missing some revenue from international visitors. Now it has been solved. 

As a long time Amazon Associates partner I'm still looking to have India added as the supported country for OneLink, as my blog with an audience more than 100,000 users monthly, receives about 12% traffic from India (data as of October 2017). I feel I might be missing some good amount of affiliate income.

For a complete integration guide, see my previous article about OneLink: Boost Amazon Associates Earnings in UK and Canada with OneLink

Now. let's get ready for the upcoming holiday season (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) and let's see, how international Amazon stores will help to boost earnings this season.

Speaking of me, right now I have enabled only alternative UK and Germany versions. For some reason, as I don't have Canada phone number it was complicated to set up the account.

My Current earnings from stands pretty low at 68.54 British pounds since July 2017. That's little, but hey it's free money.

What about you? Have you already implemented Amazon Associates OneLink, any comments?


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