Boost Amazon Associates Earnings in UK and Canada with OneLink

Updated: 5 July, 2017 seen 588

Great news for existing Amazon Associates, starting July 3d, 2017 have introduced OneLink - an easy option to increase revenue sales from United Kingdom and Canada traffic.

As you might now Amazon operates several online stores across the world with different domain name endings - and .ca are just a few of them. If you were promoting .com version products you might be missing some revenue from international visitors. 

We are happy to announce the launch of a new feature called OneLink that enables you to monetize traffic on your site from United Kingdom (UK) and Canada via Amazon's text links. OneLink gives your visitors an improved shopping experience by creating a seamless redirect to their local Amazon storefront.

As an Amazon Associate I find this indeed as really valuable news and right now I'm looking to at least 5% increase in revenue from both UK and Canada traffic once implemented. Unfortunately, to make it work, you will need to create two new associate accounts, one for version and second for .ca version . In case you already have them, then it shouldn't be a problem. 

Also your payments will be handled decentralized, you will receive payments from and .ca sites, instead of from .com version. A little bureaucracy to handle, but IMHO  - kind of free money to take from already established international traffic. 

In case you don't observe massive website traffic from UK or Canada, this might not be interesting for you. I decided to take a quick look on my Google Analytics stats, to see how UK and Canada stands there, before implementing. In month of June there were 4.61% visitors from UK and 2.43% visitors from Canada visiting my blog. 

Sadly, there is not yet an option to integrate Amazon associates with India traffic, as right now I'm observing pretty huge - 13.39% traffic from India. Well, let's hope India is added soon :)

Integration Guide

OneLink Integration Guide

If you use Amazon’s text links, you can now monetize international traffic coming to your website from the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada. OneLink uses oneTag as a script that enables you to configure this functionality on your website in few easy steps.

Integrating OneLink is a one-time setup. Follow these steps to quickly get started.

Steps to integrate

1. You will need an account in Amazon Associates UK Program or Amazon Associates Canada Program. Sign up using the links below if you do not already have an existing account.

To monetize UK traffic

Sign up, click here:

To monetize Canada traffic

Sign up, click here:

2. Next, sign-in to your Amazon Associates US account and click on ‘Tools’, select ‘OneLink’

3. Click on ‘click here to link’ to map your US/UK or UK/Canada account.

4. The ‘link your account’ screen will open and you can select your geography(s) to map with your US account by entering your UK/Canada account details.

5. Then, return to the OneLink home page, copy the oneTag script that appears in the box and place it on the footer of your site(s).

Now you are all set to start monetizing your UK and Canada traffic.

The Bottom Line

Really great option to get some extra revenue for sites with international traffic. Right now not sure, but I believe by successfully implementing Amazon OneLink I could see about 5% boost in earnings from Amazon Associates. 


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