Can you blog 365 days in a row?

Updated: 9 December, 2014 seen 2,022

I think the answer is yes, you can. But still?

This question is more for me myself. Reason I'm asking this question is - when starting something new - it all seems so exciting, so adventurous. But then comes routine, especially for blogging thing - you see that results are not so great.

By saying results, I mean - statistics. I'm person who loves data, statistics, and it's hard to continue the work when there is bad or no results at all.

Well about results, we must ask ourselves (Or in this case, I must ask myself) what is the goal, we are trying to achieve? Is it truly huge amount of traffic? Or it's the quality of content we are giving away - knowledge sharing?

In theory it sounds - do, and everything else will come. So we must do small things (which is routine) and everything (huge traffic and recognition) will come.

The purpose of this blog article is not to try to prove that in 365 days I'll get huge amount of traffic. Purpose is to do small thing (blogging) everyday, so it became a habit.