Child Dividend Income Report September 2019 - $103.59

Updated: 30 October, 2019 seen 48

I've been documenting my own path to financial freedom through the dividend income since January 2017.

When in July 2018, the little Fischer baby girl was born - without any thinking I started to invest for her future by investing in high yielding dividend stocks.

I come up with a plan to build a high-yield $10,000 child investment portfolio by the time she will turn 2. (July 2020). Right now we are looking at $80-$100 monthly dividends by the time baby will turn 2. 

Fast forward to September 2019, and we have already invested $8,227.85 in 10 great dividend stock paying companies.

Our child's portfolio dividend income now has as TTM at $750.84, giving daily $2.06 and hourly 0.09$. 

On the average portfolio generates $62.57/mo

Without adding a dime any more to the portfolio it could reach $12,576.57 in dividends by the time our baby girl turns 18, with added base principal it could be worth $20,804.42 in July 2036. But we are not looking to stop here.

Last September baby girl earned $103.59 in dividend income, that is 39.78% from our total dividend income, see: September 2019 Dividend Income Report - $260.36

Dividend Income September 2019

Ticker Earnings
PEI $53.55
WPG $18.70
EDI $12.85
CLM $6.11
RA $4.73
NCV $4.24
AWP $3.40

Total: $103.59

In total there were 7 great companies paying us dividends in September, that's 6 companies more than in September 2018

Last month I was using dividend capture strategy to boost a bit this month's income. I wanted to catch PEI and WPG dividend but some trader outsmarted me with WPG and I was left only with PEI. 

The YOY growth rate for child dividend income in September 2019 was + 1371.45% or  $96.55 more than a year ago on September 2018. The growth rate is just awesome.

Monthly income

We have been tracking dividend income for the baby since August 2018, that's already more than a year of data. Looks quite impressive.

Monthly Income chart at the end of September 2019

Monthly Income chart at the end of September 2019

The cumulative earnings for 2019 now are $341.57 which is exactly 93.58% from our goal for 2019 to reach $365.00.

One Year Anniversary for the Child's Stock Investment Portfolio

On average, it would ask us to generate $7.81 every month for the next 3 months to reach our goal. It should be cracked next October!

Goals for September 2020

This is my favorite part of the reports - trying to forecast/set goals for the next year.

When setting goals for September 2020 - I will be quite optimistic -  we are looking to crack $160. Hard, but doable. We are hoping to get there by adding more US monthly and quarterly dividend-paying stocks.