CineDOC - Tbilisi - International Film Festival 2014

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I'm a huge fan of documentaries and was pretty impressed when learned that in Tbilisi from October 14 -19 International documentary film festival - CineDOC - Tbilisi is held.

Unfortunately due to my Travel plans this week I'm not planning to attend this festival - still it's good to know it's happening!

International Competition

Nine creative documentary films compete this year for the main award of the international competition at CinéDOC-Tbilisi. The films have been directed and produced in countries like Canada, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary and Georgia.

A recurrent topic in many of these films seems to be love: from the portrait of a charismatic and funny Israeli matchmaker (“Do you believe in love”), to a road-movie about two young men trying to find a girlfriend for their autistic friend (“The special need”) until the beautiful story of three brothers and their mother who was addicted to love affairs with different men (“Life almost wonderful”). Other films deal with the passion of a large audience in the Caucasus and the Middle East for Turkish TV serials (“Kismet”), or with the daily rhythm of Gldani residents, a district at the outskirts of Tbilisi and a microcosm of protagonists with great personalities.

Final Selection Results’14

  1. Do you believe in love? / Dan Wasserman / Israel / 2013
  2. Judgment in Hungary / Eszter Hajdu / Hungary,Portugal,Germany / 2013
  3. Kismet / Nina Maria Paschalidou / Cyprus / 2013
  4. Life almost wonderful / Svetoslav Draganov / Bulgaria / 2013
  5. Ne Me Quitte Pas / Sabine Lubbe Bakker & Niels van Koevorden / The Netherlands / 2013
  6. From prisons to prisons  / Steve Party / Canada / 2014
  7. The Special Need / Carlo Zoratti / Germany / 2013
  8. Another City / Zurab Inashvili / Georgia / 2014
  9. Album 61 / Halil Efrat / Israel / 2013

Focus Caucasus

This year Focus Caucasus will present 10 creative documentaries from and about the Caucasus and its neighboring countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey.

For the general audience Focus Caucasus is an opportunity to view creative documentary films they wouldn’t be able to see otherwise, films through which they will have an intimate glimpse at the lives of their neighboring countries. Even though the social, personal and political dilemmas presented in these wonderful films might sometimes seem specific to the particular society or culture, in fact they are universal to us all. All of these films are about our struggles and triumphs, about serious issues presented in a beautiful, straightforward and artistic way.

The authors of the selected films will present their films to the audience, as well as their new projects to the European film professionals, such as representatives of German broadcaster MDR, funding representatives and established European producers.

Final Selection Results’14

  1. Ain’t No Cinderellas!/ Emel Çelebi/ Turkey / 2014
  2. Biblioteka/ Ana Tsimintia/Georgia / 2014
  3. Blood/ Alina Rudnitskaya /Russia / 2013
  4. Diyar/ Devrim Akkaya/Turkey / 2014
  5. Endless Escape, Eternal Return/ Harutyun Khachatryan/Armenia, Netherlands, Switzerland / 2014
  6. Plantain and Me/ Babak Shirinsefat/Azerbaijan / 2014
  7. Raiders/ Alexander Gentlev/Germany, Israel / 2014
  8. The Ruler/ Shalva Shengeli/Georgia / 2014
  9. The Stolen Childhood/ Armen Gasparyan/ Armenia / 2014
  10. Zelim’s Confession/ Natalya Mikhaylova/ Germany / 2013

CinéDOC-Tbilisi Documentary Film Festival – is the first international documentary festival in the South of Caucasus that focuses on creative documentary. The festival will take place from 14 – 19 October 2014 in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. The general audience will have the chance to view a variety of documentary films with a unique directing vision, an original visual style, sympathetic protagonists and powerful stories. CinéDOC means creative documentary at its best.

The festival will present award winning films from outside of Georgia as well as local and regional productions.

The film screenings will be followed by open discussions and debates, master classes with renowned film directors, open sessions with invited international guests.

© Ciné-DOC Tbilisi Documentary Film Festival is a project of the NOOSFERA Foundation.

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