Cleaning up the mess

Updated: 8 October, 2016 seen 558

So lately I have been over optimized my blog with ads, related blocks e.t.c. and it starts look ugly.

I'm not a messy person actually, I prefer clean and simple everything. So I started to clean up mess in my blog.

By first I have created a separate section Drupal developer, where all stuff related to Drupal development is under.

Next I'm planing to separate Georgia related posts.

In order to get better results from SEO, and provide better usability for my visitors, it's done.

It could take me some time, to make everything nice and clean, I have to decide should I add custom images for each posts, and then to display it to my visitors, or should I get rid of all garbage at all (pardon me, but I call images garbage as well)

Thanks for being with me :)