Clikheat map for Drupal

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,369

Click heat map for Drupal is solution to help you better understand where your site visitor click on your website:

By knowing places your site visitors most often click, you can adjust your site desing, like to make better conversations for ads, for example.


So to get this done on Drupal, you will need to:

Here is the intruction how to configure library:
1. Download the lastest ClickHeat release from:

2. Extract the library and place it inside the sites/all/libraries directory.
The click.php file should be at sites/all/libraries/clickheat/click.php.

3. Ensure the server has write access to:
- sites/all/libraries/clickheat/config/
- sites/all/libraries/clickheat/cache/
- sites/all/libraries/clickheat/logs/

4. Enable the module and configure at: admin/config/system/click_heatmap.

5. Grant the 'ignore click_heatmap clicks' permission to the roles you wish to
be excluded from the heatmaps. In general you will want to grant the
permission to administrators.