Continent News Cafe, Tbilisi

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Located on the lively David Agmashenebeli Avenue (close to Marjanishvili metro station) in Tbilisi - Continent News cafe seems is a new dinning venue in this area. 

I had a chance to visit this place in the middle of March (2016). I was back at our apartment, when my beloved phoned me and invited me to this place,  - I just asked, which lens should I bring (the small one or larger) - I got instant reply - bring on the kit lens. That's how photographer girlfriends should reply, ha ha. Let me explain - kit lens are standard lenses, mostly 18-55mm, there is not much use of telephoto zoom lenses in cafe interior photography (thus some great result can be achieved by using 100mm lens for food photography, but it could involve using a tripod)

Continent news cafe in Tbilisi

Continent news cafe in Tbilisi

First impressions - hmm... not those best - kalyan and a huge bar counter. Mixed desing elements...speckled along the eyes

I decided to play safe - to order just a cup of Turkish coffee... I got reply - we don't have water! Well, can I order something to eat if you don't have water? Yes you can! Strange, I thought - and picked randomly from menu chicken kiev,

While I was sipping Coke I noticed this place offers breakfast menu (those who have been following my blog for a while, already knows - I'm researching perfect breakfast restaurant place in Tbilisi.

Breakfast menu

Breakfast menu

Continent News cafe in Tbilisi offers some really cheap priced breakfast menu. I haven't seen so low prices for years in Tbilisi. That's great - I will definitely try their breakfast menu one day.

Views toward Agmanashebeli avenue in Tbilsi

Views towards Agmanashebeli avenue in Tbilsi

This restaurant is located in two floors, with small balconies at the second floor - could be nice, to sit here in warm Summer evenings.

Kiev's Cutlet

Kiev's Cutlet (GEL 11.00)

Damn that was among the best Kiev cutlet I have tried. Why it was served with lemon - it's still a mystery for me!

Tomatoes cream soup

Tomatoes cream soup (GEL 6.00)

I didn't tried this, but got a feedback - could be better!

Pancakes with Cherry jam

Pancakes with Cherry jam (GEL 6.00)

Now, this was the biggest discovery of the year - best pancakes in town. Reminded me pancakes I have tried at IHOP (International house of pancakes) in US. 

The bottom line

Do not rule on the man after his hat. Despite the first impression, after seeing a really mixed design, this was one the best dining experiences in Tbilisi. This is really budget friendly place. Definitely try out some of their pancakes. Out total bill: GEL 42. Really cool experience!


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