Selling Covered Call Options on Crypto (BTC/ETH/SOL)

Covered call options on crypto

Book 1-hour Zoom conversation with me and learn the basics of how to sell covered call options on crypto. 

$100 (crypto, PayPal accepted)

I have been selling options on crypto for several years, mostly on the Deribit platform. In the past, I was trading Bitcoin and Ethereum options, but lately, my choice for trading is the Solana coin. 

I have made my gains and I have taken mine losses, and of course, I have eaten a bucket of salt during the process.

Despite the idea selling covered calls with crypto might sound like a good strategy to increase your crypto holdings. Not so fast, with crypto-settled options contracts, traders can actually lose their funds. 

In this online course, I will give some hints on how to limit the potential risk using credit spreads, what is leverage, should you use it and more

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