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Updated: 16 June, 2021 seen 294

If you have been following my blog for a while, you most probably have noticed I love writing a lot about stock and options trading.

As this is going to be a longer, technical post, and you are here for what the title says, here is the link, go and start exploring: Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer

At some point, 80% of the new content in the blog was about some of my latest stock buys or detailed options trades.

It helped to fill up the content, but also to lose track of the other interesting things I do - travels, reviews, programming, photography, and so on. The blog started to look cluttered (and still does). I have heard many times that I have a very eclectic range of topics. Well, what to do.

About a year ago I decided to launch a separate website for my options trades - OptionsBrew - In a year I wrote about 400 articles there. That's actually the double I write here. Well, the motivation is high because I'm interested in the topic a lot, and also as I'm sharing my trades, they keep track of the record.

No ads served or affiliate links, just the pure trading journal.

In the first year was abblte to attractg about 4,000 users

In the first year, was able to attract about 4,000 users (Data source: Google Analytics)

My personal blog, the one you are currently reading in his golden days was able to attract more than 100,000 users monthly. So these numbers might seem low, but they are actually quite OK for a niche website just starting out.

Also, I was able to gather 128 email subscribers for the website, which is nice. 

Anyhow, I decided to stop developing a website and stop growing the e-mail subscriber list as it was just not working as planned - I had to think about website development, the newsletter was actually not sent out. 

In the parallel I was exploring the blog systems that act like newsletters and found out this little gem -  - a platform for independent writers to sell newsletters. This seemed like a perfect fit, except there were a few minor things I was not completely happy with, like the lack of tagging and limited website analytics.

Anyhow, at the end of April (when the domain name expired for the first year) I decided to stop publishing on this custom-built website and move on to the substack platform. Also, I decided to put more emphasis on covered calls than options and bought a new custom domain name that connected to the platform, and version 2.0 was launched. 

In less than a month I decided to move this project under my blog and re-launched it as Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer, which seems logical name, as all trades are done by me, also somehow it sounds more important, at least to me. 

I'm looking to grow this newsletter to at least 250 e-mail subscribers in a year (by June 15, 2022), from whom I would love to see at least 12 paying subscribers. Also, I have started to build my YouTube channel where I talk about stock and options trading, I would love to see here at least 200 subscribers in a year.

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