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Updated: 16 June, 2021 seen 93

On April 20, 2021, I launched a new website/blog/newsletter - Covered Calls with Reinis Fischer

As the title says this is a trading journal by Reinis Fischer (me), an active options trader, and dividend stock investor. 

For more than 2 years I've been selling call and put options, I've been talking about them in my blog, on my Facebook wall, in our kitchen, with friends, and even with our maid.

Seems I'm just passionate about options! So i decided to launch a separate trade journal/newsletter.. but instead of building it from scratch with the help of Drupal, as the sole author is me I decided to stick with the substack platform and launched this blog there. frontage April 23, 2021 frontage April 23, 2021

The cost for setting up this blog is really low - Paid some 12 USD for a domain name and 50 USD to the substack platform for setting up my custom website.

I don't need to pay hor hosting, also I don't need to think about servers and coding - just focus on what matters - content.

Substack is awesome for delivering emails, scheduling and so on. also it has a very nice feature - paid subscribers.

I've thought a lot about this - about a year ago I kind of already started this but decided to keep full control on things and built a separate website on top of Drupal.

Now, I realize - sometimes it's easier to delegate some things to contractors, third part e.t.c.

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