Crypto Options Trading Income September 2022 - $23.64

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Welcome, to renewed crypto options trading reports. 

Back in 2019, I experimented quite a lot with selling options on crypto, back then I had some 12 ETH coins, I made my gains and I took my loses, it seems I didn't quite understand how crypto options work back then, and it feels I understand how they work now. So this is my second attempt selling options with crypto for profit.

Last month I re-started selling call options on crypto, this time was selling with Solana and Ethereum


Month Coins Invested Value   SOL   Price  
September 7.436485 $239.03 $258.12 7.99% 0.362 4.87% $34.71 $12.57

In total I invested $239.12 in 7.43 SOL coins and was able to earn 0.362 SOL by trading covered call options, that's about a 4.87% return on the investment. In dollar terms: $12.57


Coins Invested Value   ETH   Price USD USD/EUR  
0.26873174 €354.85 €370.31 4.36% 0.0082 3.05% €1,378.00 $1,350.44 €0.98 $11.07

My investment with Ethereum was  $365.82 in 0.268 ETH coins, additionally, I was able to earn 0.0082 ETH by trading vertical call spreads, that's about a 3.05% return on the investment. In dollar terms: $11.07

The bottom Line

It seems I was able to take $23.64 or $0.79/daily last month from trading call options with SOL and ETH coins. 

The total value of investment was:  $621.03

Goals for September 2023

I'm looking to take about $600 from trading crypto options in September 2023, from today's perspective that would ask to increase my investment by about 26 times to some $15,000. 

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