D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-931L) Review

Updated: 30 April, 2020 seen 95

Back in August 2019, I bought (ordered from Amazon) D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-931L) as a baby/nanny cam.

It turned out a great toy to play with for a couple of days, but there hasn't been a real use, so far. 

On the other hand for the last couple of months this camera has been used just as a boogeyman for nannies, its placed on the most visible part in the living room, but is unplugged and not filming. This tactic works out really great.

D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-931L)

D-Link Wi-Fi Camera with Remote Viewing (DCS-931L)

From the manufacturer: 

The Wi-Fi Camera (DCS-931L) is a video surveillance solution for your home or small office. The DCS-931L is a standalone surveillance camera that requires no special hardware or software, and can run independently even without a PC and it even includes sound & motion detection. Send e-mail notifications with snapshots whenever sound or motion is detected using just the DCS-931L and an Internet connection. You can even customize areas and volumes to monitor for motion or loud noises - helping you keep watch over entryways or sensitive areas of a room. The built-in Wi-Fi extender provides a convenient way to expand your wireless network by simply placing the camera within your current network area, providing effortless connectivity to more rooms and more devices.

  • Sound and Motion Detection Enhanced email alerting based on sound and motion sensing technology
  • Wi Fi Extender Instantly eliminate dead zones and expand your home's wireless network
  • Remote Viewing View on iPhone, iPad, Android devices or Windows Phones with the free mydlink app
  • Wireless/Ethernet Secure connection for flexible placement
  • Zero Configuration Automatic and intelligent syncs with your home's router
  • Does not work with Windows 10
The Bottom Line

The best for this Wi-Fi camera probably is just the price - it cost under $40, and you get what you paid, and even bit more. A nice toy to play with, but wouldn't recommend for some serious surveillance. 

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