Day Trip to Tianeti in Georgia

Updated: 13 March, 2018 seen 643

Tianeti seems is not among the most popular tourism routes in Georgia, I wonder why.

Day trips to Tianeti (region of Mtsketa-Mtianeti) are quite possible and really easy doable. 

We agreed not to spend Saturday mornings in the search for the best breakfast menu offers among Tbilisi restaurants, but rather spend our free time much valuable - exploring hidden gems of Georgia. An idea for day trips were born, and it was just a matter of asking my driver, could  he could suggest some simple routes. He suggested. And so in the Saturday's morning we were all setup and our trip started. 

Here you go - a few ideas for a Tianeti trip


The Bottom Line

I paid about 75 GEL to driver and covered gas expenses. That's about a serving at medium priced Tbilisi restaurant. 



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