Digital Photography School Adobe Lightroom Presets Review

A Brief Look at the Preset Packs offered by DPS

Lightroom is one of the most widely used tool of photographers. An easy to use organizer and an even more efficient editing tool, Lightroom is an excellent software to have in your photography arsenal. The only problem is – you have to learn how to use it. And that takes some time.

With hundreds of tools and settings and values to change, it sometimes gets overwhelming to edit your image and bring out the best in it. It gets even more difficult if you have more than hundreds of images you need to process and hand back to the client.


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Enter Digital Photography School Lightroom Presets. Using these Lightroom settings bundled together, you can apply many changes at once and change the look of your image in a single click. The presets come in different styles and are as simple as using a Snapchat filter. No more editing headaches and delayed photo prints.

Let me tell you what presets DPS offers and how they can benefit your photography workflow.

1. 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lihgtroom Landscape presets

Like the name suggests, this preset pack comes with more than 100 presets bundled into 6 broad collections and a Bonus Tool Box for landscape shots.

With categories like Spring Collection, Fantastic Fall, Mono Toned and Creative Horizons, the 6 collections have almost everything your landscape shot will need to get the right look.

All you need to do is download the pack, which comes at a price of $49. Because this preset pack is created for landscapes by the experienced professional landscape photographer Sarah Sisson, you know it will help your images get that detail and colour right.

There are many styles included in each collection, and although it is simply a bundle of settings applied together, it does save a lot of time.

There is no guarantee that you will get the image you want, but it is always a good way to try different styles and save some time.

Some of the presets that will come in handy are Blissful Blue Skies – which increases the ambiance of the image and enhances saturation, while protecting the highlights in the clouds – and a few others like Glorious Autumn Day and Black and White Majesty.

Unless you are adamant on learning every aspect of Lightroom on your own and enjoy doing everything yourself, these presets which work on both RAW and JPEGs will help you in creating impressive images with only a few clicks.

Download 101 Landscape Lightroom Presets

2. 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets

Created by the professional photographer and author Rachel Devine, these presets are specifically for your portrait images.

Adobe Lightroom Portrait presets

This pack has 7 collections with different styles and a Touch-up kit with 37 brushes for touching up the skin, eyes, hair, eye shadow, lips and even background adjustments. There are collections like the Art series – which mimic the look from early 1900s to 90s – and Film series, for getting that faded cinemtic film look. You even have the option of using the collection 'Fix', which has set values of contrast, brightness, grain, highlight, white balance and sharpness which can be fine-tuned according to you.

Because portraits can get frustratingly tough to process according to the image and the clients themselves, using these easy to apply and modify presets will really save your time. The landscape presets are still not that vital for your workflow as it is easy to bring the 'pop' in your images if the exposure is right, but with portraits, even getting the exposure does not guarantee smooth skin and clear eyes. These reasons make this pack costing $49 even more useful, especially if you take more portraits and need quick adjustments.

Download 101 Lightroom Portrait Presets

3. 101 Lighroom Preset Pack

This pack is an all-rounder, offering presets for landscapes, portraits, retro look, different black and white styles and a collection of quick adjustments.

Ligtroom presets pack

Full instructions are included for this and the previous 2 packs too, so you'll know how to install and start using the presets step by step.

The creator of this general and everything-included preset pack is Joseph Cole, who is a professional wedding photographer in California. He is famous for also giving tips and tricks about editing photos in his blog and helping about 100,000 people monthly edit their photos better.

No matter which type of photo you select – low light, macro, street or simple family photos – one of the 101 presets in the 7 collections will definitely fit your photo just like you wanted. Adjustment of sharpness, highlights, shadows, saturation and white balance might sound simple, but applying all these issues to hundreds of images and getting the look right is not that simple in practice.

If you have to choose just one pack, this all-rounder preset pack at a price of $49 is the one to buy. Different collections for different types of photography; this pack will not prove to be a waste. And one more thing, if somehow you end up not liking any of the above mentioned dPS preset packs, there is a 60-day money back guarantee which ensures you don't pay for what you didn't like.

Download 101 Ligthtroom Preset Pack

The Bottom Line

Go for it!

Post-processing of images is always a fun taste, but it can get boring when you can't find the right settings and you have to keep sitting in front of your computer for long hours. With the preset packs of Digital Photography School, you can make your workflow smoother and time management more efficient. With different styles for different photos along with the ability to fine-tune all of the presets, there is no reason why you should not have at least one of the 3 packs.

Depending on your style of photography, choose a pack and start using it to edit your photos and learn the nitty-gritties of Lightroom. You can see how the changes of the preset are applied to your images and learn to make presets of your own, while also getting more time for taking photos rather than editing them endlessly.