Dividend Stock Investment Plan 2020

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Currently, we hold 17 stock, all but one are dividend-paying stocks. I have been building this dividend income stock portfolio since 2017.

We have both monthly and quarterly paying stocks in the portfolio. As we are not thinking to increase the total count of stocks to more than 20 in 2020, we do plan to increase payment from the existing stocks, and here is the plan for 2020:

  • monthly: at least $20/mo
  • quarterly: at least $60/quarterly*

Monthly stocks

At the start of 2020, we hold 6 monthly dividend-paying stocks, currently, these stocks generate us $52.04 every month (after-tax). Dividend payment varies starting from $3.40 up to $15.30/mo

  • NCV: $4.24
  • EDF: $15.30
  • EDI: $12.84
  • RA: $10.15
  • AWP:$ 3.4
  • CLM: $6.11

After increasing the payment to up to $20 for each of these stocks, the monthly dividend payment will increase to $120. Annually these stocks would generate at least $1,440.

Quarterly dividend-paying stocks

We also hold 10 quarterly paying stocks, paying us dividends thorough the year. Dividend payments vary from $8.67 (T) up to $53.55 (PEI) quarterly

  • PNNT: $23.71**
  • USA: $13.29**
  • FGB: $34.43
  • XIN: $23.80
  • NRZ: $53.98**
  • WPG: $51
  • PEI: $53.55
  • ET: $38.56**
  • T: $8.67*
  • PBCT:$8.88*

Currently, above listed stocks generate us $309.87 every quarter or $1,239.48 per year

*for T and PBCT minimum is $30/quarter

** At the end of November 2019, I was hit by option trades and to keep liquidity was forced to sell some of the positions, I will still need to repair some (USA, NRZ and ET). In the case with PNNT the dividend has been already raised to $39.01

After increasing dividend payment to at least $60 to all, but T and PBCT stock, the quarterly payment would grow to $540 and yearly to $2160. Nice

At the end of 2020, we are looking to have a TTM dividend income from US stocks at least $3,600, that's about $300/mo, $9.86/day or $0.41/hourly

For the year 2020, it will ask me to increase some positions by double to reach my goals. Nothing impossible. At least I believe so. 

Not all stocks listed above are great stocks, as most of the are high-yield stocks, and few of them have experienced dividend cuts in the past, and I believe some of them will cut dividends in 2020. Here are the stocks I'm not really happy with but will keep holding through 2020: CLM, WPG, PEI

Depending on results in 2020, I will remove some of the bad performing stocks in 2021.

Also, I might add some monthly or quarterly paying dividend stock to the portfolio, to make a total of 20 holdings.