Dividend Stock Portfolio 2022

Updated: 9 August, 2021 seen 134

It is August 09, 2021, two days ago I celebrated my 36th birthday at the awesome Paragraph resort hotel near the Black sea in Georgia.

Also, it has been already more than 4 years since I launched my original million-dollar saving challenge. Unfortunately, just recently I had to start over, and despite during the past 4 years I have learnt a lot - my savings account looks like a joke, barely reaching $10,000. 

Now, when celebrating my 37th birthday, in 2022, who knows where, I want my dividend stock portfolio value to be at least $25,000. On average that would require me to invest a little more than $1,000 per month into the stock market, which seems quite doable.

Another way I see it could be - $15,000 invested in dividend-paying stocks, $10,000 in cash.

All the investments should be made from the income generated by selling options. 

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