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The other day - I was contacted by Elene, she introduced me with her project website- which features interviews with people who have moved to Georgia and run interesting projects.

I decided to share this blog with you readers, as I really enjoyed it. By now it features few, but pretty strong stories about down shifters from other countries, if you are up for a moving to Georgia and looking for some like minded mates to chat with, at least  - waystogeorgia might be a great starting point. On the other hand, if you have spent already some time here - you can tell your own unique story (contact project authors)

Screenshot of home page

Screenshot of home page

I actually didn't know the meaning about downshifting prior to this blog, it turns out (in case you have missed it):

Downshifting is a social behavior or trend in which individuals live simpler lives to escape from what critics call the rat race of obsessive materialism and to reduce the “stress, overtime, and psychological expense that may accompany it”. It emphasizes finding an improved balance between leisure and work and focusing life goals on personal fulfillment and building relationships instead of the all-consuming pursuit of economic success. The term also refers to the act of reducing the gear of a motor vehicle while driving a manual transmission.

I wander now, should me call myself a down shifter as well, as I have been living in Georgia for the past 5 years, or should I stick with a digital nomad

Story page

Story page

As of the date (August 2016) there are nine interesting stories about people moved to Georgia

Places section

Places section

As of date (still August 2016) there are not many, thus interesting places worth to visit in Tbilisi and Georgia. 

There is a separate page featuring photography from expat photographers as well. 

Speaking of technical aspect (how site is built) I noticed it's built with the help of (that makes me worried, and I would highly recommend for project authors to move can guess...of course Drupal, but fine with me - a WordPress site might work out as well. Using of a wix platform could mean that authors are not with a technical background and one of the biggest fallbacks is the lack of pretty URL's (read SEO).

The bottom line

Definitely interesting (The Content is King), visually appealing, thus I can see technical drawbacks in future.


Here you will find inspiring stories of wonderful people that I meet in Georgia. Sometimes I share the places and events I love and photo albums by fantastic photographers that express all the beauty of Georgia. 

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