Drupal 8 Release

Updated: 18 April, 2018 seen 792

Update: The first official Drupal 8 release was launched on November 19, 2015

When will Drupal 8 be ready?

We are working hard on Drupal 8 and making progress every day. The first beta release was announced at Drupalcon Amsterdam in October 2014. Additional beta releases will follow, and then release candidates that lead up to the final release. For more information check out Drupal Core Updates for a periodic summary of core development and the Drupal 8 release cycle overview

I have been waiting for Drupal 8 final release for a while already, just today by checking when this release could happen, seem's there is not many who knows.

Ok, ok I can wait no - problem. If you are more eager than me to test Drupal 8, you can grab a copy already today, but it's a dev version.

I remember when Drupal 7 dev was released, I was so excited about it. I was excited about Drupal 6 as well... :)

This time I'm not looking so much for excitement, as much for usability...

I have heard so much about Drupal 8 inline editor, and out of box responsive theme..

Speaking of the inline editor... I remember that Drupal 8 will require PHP 5.4 version (Update: seems that Drupal 8 will work with php 5.3 as well)... this fact doesn't make me over-happy at all, because I running VPS with PHP 5.3. and for now I'm not quite ready to upgrade PHP version...(Update: I'm pretty happy now - I have deployed a few additional Linodes and now I do have both PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4. versions)

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