Drupal views taxonomy map

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 2,226

Even wondered or thinked about - to display terms of your Drupal powered site on a map? Is it possible? Yes it is.

Things you will need to display taxonomy terms on map:

Taxonomy module enabled, location module, Gmap module, Views module Enable modules: location for taxonomies, location cck field. If you haven't enabled Field UI module, enable that as well. Head to structure/taxonomy/your-taxomony/manage-fields and add a new location field. Now go to views (structure/views) and create a new term based view - call it as you like - for example Taxonomy map. On view display page, ad field Taxonomy name. Under display settings change display to GMAP. Save your field, and know you have Taxonomy map display. Place it on block, or create a seperate page for that. You can see live example at frontpage or at Topics map