The other day I was contacted by Nikoloz owner and founder of Audio Guide Georgia project  - Nikolaz wanted to get the word out about this app.

Although I haven't tested this app personally, the intro I have seen on the website was enough to make me willing share information about this project. 

The Audio Guide Georgia project seems is a great travel assistant for independent travelers. The guide is available for offline use both in App Store and on Google Play. English and Russian language versions available.

As in the past I've worked with a kind of similar tourism-related apps about Georgia, I've some professional interest left.  Right now you can see most of my travel notes in Georgia here. Also, if you are looking for all packed and individual tours in Georgia, book here: Organized tours in Georgia

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Audio Guide Georgia launched in summer 2017. With 25+ audio walking tours, Audio Guide Georgia is the best way to explore Georgia's most fascinating places. Tours are created by best history and art experts of Georgia. Application is available on iOS and Android.

With Audio Guide Georgia mobile application you can listen to the most qualified guides and get the full and unique information on the different touristic attractions of the country. Users can learn about historical monuments, streets, buildings and various places with their mobile phones while walking, cycling or driving to the places they are interested in.

Audio Guide Georgia Mobile App can define your location with its GPS system. You can download the preferable tour and use it offline, without internet. 

Currently, there are available audio guided  tours in Batumi, Tbilisi, Mestia, Ushguli, Mtskheta, Sighnagi, Ujarma, Telavi and more

Tours listed on

Tours listed on

Although it's not mentioned on site (at least I didn't find such information as of witting this), this app is not free, see:

I think you need to make it very clear before people download that each tour costs $3.99 or more for all tours. Currently, it appears as if everything is free. Paying is ok but people need to be informed

Can't confirm or deny this, as haven't used the app (yet).

Learn more and give it a try:

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