Facebook boost + Google Adsense = Results

Updated: 21 August, 2014 seen 2,127

At the end of December last year, I made a post about Facebook boost post to drive traffic, and monetize traffic with Google Adsense. In that post I explained that during month of January I'll perform few tests, to see it on action.


In total I spent in advertisement $28, in month of January, from what $15 was spent to boost in overall  posts.

Well... first one worked really great, in overall it brought more than censorship unique visitors, but I earned just $2.5, second post, didn't bring so much traffic, some censorship uniques, but it gave me the same $2.5 in Adsense. The third gave me about censorship uniques and just $0.3.

As you can see - none of the spent bucks returned back to me.

Lessons Learned:

Traffic is important, that's right. If you can manage to buy more than 1000 uniques for $5 - it's awesome. But it still doesn't mean much. 

Doing such schemes - may be and may not be effective. 

The most important thing, I guess is even not high CTR than high CPC.

In January I got pretty high CTR rate about censorship, but it didn't help me get back my dollars. Because CPC was pretty low.

So we must work hard to raise our CPC rather than CTR.


This month - I'll not continue to experiment with Facebook boost feature and will not try to monetize Adsense  harder.


All above written can get you in trouble, by violating Google Adsense TOS


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