Finding Adsense niche site

Updated: 17 March, 2017 seen 1,891

I finally made a decision to start a new Google AdSense niche site. Lately I have been searching for different niches to experiment with. I wondered to build a niche website for a country I'm currently living in - Georgia.

But then I find out -  right now there is not enough ad offer for a such topic. Well there is, of course, something, but it's rather too much wide niche, than focusing on something 10-15 pages to start with.


And I deiced to take Medium-High paying niche for my first ever serious AdSense niche site.

I'm going to set it up in next days and launch on March 1st. About first results I'll inform on my blog at start of April.

Update 2016: I haven't launched any specific AdSense niche sites yet, and as for now (February 2016) - I don't think to focus any efforts other than my primary blog (

Basically - I'm pretty much against niche websites built for AdSense. 

Update 2017: I still haven't launched any Google AdSense specific niche site, but speaking about a mini niche site inside my blog I've built pretty popular section - All About Georgia, it generates me some income from Google AdSense, but since January 2017 I'm focusing my offers on direct sales - see Organized tours in Georgia