Fintess club in Tbilisi - Aspria

Updated: 29 June, 2021 seen 1,509

Seems I have found my new fitness club, it's called Aspria, and branch I have chosen is located in Dinamo Stadium. The price for full-time visit, at any time 24/7 seems reasonable - 99GEL (~$57).

Update: I have chosen Champions Academy as my gym

Seems there are several Aspria branches throughout the city. 

Update: This article originally was written back in February 2014, and though I found it and even decided to visit it - I actually have never done that, just because of being lazy. And yes, haven't lost those 17 kilos neither.

I'm willing to loose about 17kg of weight. And I'm hoping Aspria will be the great choice. 

Speaking of weight loss - yeah... 17 kilos would be great, but for next 30 days, I'm looking for 5-7 kilos weigh lost. 

The spring is coming, you know :)