First Commission From Linode's Referral Program

Updated: 9 March, 2016 seen 843

Recently I got my first earnings from Linode's referral program. I wouldn't probably mention this on my blog, but since some time ago I wrote a little bit about fact that there is actually an affiliate program for Linode's users and I got some contradictory comments on that post, like there is no way to earn a dime from Linode, and other hosting provider affiliate programs are much more better and lucrative, with help of this blog post I decided to prove such statements are false.

Linode ReferralsLinode Referrals

Since February 2015 (it's about 6 months) I have a total of 10 referrals and 1 completed order, which gives me $20.00 credit on Linode services. I can agree it's probably not very lucrative affiliate program to choose from, but since I use Linode on my everyday tasks, and I can truly recommend their service getting some $20.00 credit is just lovely. 

In fact I haven't done much targeted promotion for Linode's services, just some links with my referral tracking URL in some posts.

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