Flickr vs Instagram apps - first thoughts

Updated: 24 June, 2014 seen 1,753

I have been testing for a while to turn my phone into publishing machine by taking pictures and uploading them to picture services like Instagram and Flickr. And then syncing them to my blog and to tourgeorgia.

One thing I didn't know - If you wish to add a location to your photo, make sure your GPS is turned on, and don't use Add location feature available both in Instagram and Flickr app. If you want precise location of your photo, it might screw things up. Just make sure GPS is turned on, and in your Flickr or Instagram app you have enabled sync GPS location. Avoid using Add location button, to avoid screwing your photo meta data.

Speaking of Flickr vs Instagram, I kinda better prefer Instagram app because of it's simplicity and great filters. I know some might say he/she is sick and tired of filtered photos. But I like it. I'm not a professional photographer, I just want my picture make look cool.

Flickr filters doesn't seem to be so great as Instagram. But I might to test it more.

Basically I'm using Instagram app to share photos on my blog, and I'm using Flickr to share photos on Tourgeorgia.