Free Bitcoin Trading Signals Telegram Chat

Updated: 15 April, 2022 seen 51

Hey traders, I've launched a simple bitcoin trading signals chat on Telegram where I'm sharing my bitcoin trades, articles, or funny memes about bitcoin and crypto in general

For the trades, at the moment I prefer trading bitcoin futures on the 5-min or 1-hour candle charts on Deribit.

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I have no clue where this channel could grow, say, in a year, but for the record, I will say - I'm looking at 2,000 channel subscribers by April 2023. Again, I have no idea how to grow the Telegram channel, this is my first time using it, so the number 2,000 is just something random I took out of the thin air. It will take me some time and a learning curve to apply to actually market and grow this channel. 

Decided to go with Telegram as it seems, most traders do it, simply following the stream.

Additionally, my account at Deribit is not very large at the moment, just some $38, but looking to grow to some $5,000 in a year.

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