Georgia has signed Association Agreement with European Union

Today, June 27Th is a "magnificent" day for Georgia, or at least it's politics. Today Georgia in Brussels has signed Association Agreement with European Union. Together with Georgia association agreement was signed by Ukraine and Moldova as well

Why I'm saying "magnificent" - let me explain:

I'm neither Euro-pessimist or Euro-optimist. I'm trying to be neutral. I support democracy and transparency, I support European "values" - whatever they are. And I support Georgia's efforts to stay on Euro track. But there are Two reasons I look at this as some political spectacle- Geography and mindset.


Georgia on map

Georgia is "sandwiched" between Russia and Turkey. Two regional geopolitical powers. I will not dig deeper about neighbouring Armenia and Azerbaijan, they are just too small in this case. Georgia is not neighbouring with any of European Union Countries, closet neighbour via Black sea are Romania and Bulgaria. I guess to get full membership in EU, Turkey needs to join 28 country block at first. B

Turkey - has been on Euro integration track since 1960-ies. And there are still many opened chapters for it. There have been many rumour that Turkey could join by 2020, 2030 or 2040, and there is even rumour Turkey could screw EU and join Russia's curated Eurasian Union.

Eurasian Union - another big threat to Georgia's plans for full membership in EU. 

Right now there is too many obstacles and uncertainty about future of this region, than it is hard to believe of full membership to European Union.

OK, OK Association Agreement is not the same as full membership in European Union. It's just one step closer to the Big European Dream.

Russia - does Russia even asks for comments?

So let's presume Georgia is trying to escape Russian bear's claws.

Does Association Agreement guarantees anything to Georgia? Except some generalized phrases about democracy, justice and transparency?


And this is the biggest problem - mindset.  Don't get me wrong - Georgians are warm welcoming and hospital people. But I have this feeling that their mindset is quite not ready for directives from Brussels. Whatever they are - good or bad ones.

Overall mindset is like this

- Europe will give us money, we gonna spend it as we wish. Europe will support us with money. We will have average salary like in Germany and we gonna party like in Greece.

I mean - common - this is typical mindset for ordinary citizen in Georgia.

That's called -  utopia.

Free trade agreement with European Union

By signing association agreement with European Union, Georgia will get free trade agreement with it. Sounds nice? Exactly - nice!

In 2012 Georgia signed free trade agreement with United States. Does Georgian goods flooded to States?  Yes, some of them - few bottles of wine, and some Nabeghlavi mineral water (at least I have seen Nabeghlavi mineral water at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC)

Does Georgia produces something?

Yes, wine and mineral water. Something more? Haven't heard!


Now it's turn to wait  - what will be the next BIG thing for Georgia?I guess it could be in September when in Wales,  Georgia will sign some agreement with NATO. And again - nothing specific. 

Anyway today is a "great" day in Georgia's history and it will be celebrated with concerts in Tbilisi and other cities.