Few days ago I hit a major milestone -  200 Euro's in Google AdSense lifetime revenue.

I probably wouldn't even mention this, but since one year ago I reached my first 100 EUR milestone, I decided I must write about my next 100 EUR.

In total so far I have earned EUR 206.25 what equals to $234.34

It took me about five and a half years to reach this minimum. I added first Google AdSense ad unit on some of my sites back in September 4, 2009.

Google Adsense 200 Euro Reached

Google AdSense 200 Euro Reached

If first 100 Euro's I earned in four and a half years, then second 100 Euro's I earned in last year.

I started to monetize my blog at the start of 2014. My first approach was by adding plug&play Google AdSense ad units.

About a year ago - I did setup my first Google AdSense goal - to reach minimum $40.00 per month. It has not yet happened, though overall earnings per/month are increasing lately (I have reached around $20.00 per month/milestone).

Update: I reached $40/mo goal after some 19 months.

Now, I have already many times said, that Google AdSense makes me pennies, though really valuable pennies. During the last year I have find other ways to monetize my blog by using affiliate marketing, but still I'm not in mood to quit Google AdSense yet. 

Though It have taken more than 5 years me to earn modest EUR 200 - I like to think of it as following - it's more a money to put aside for a rainy day.

 Yes, I haven't yet withdrew this money. I'm planing to do this any time soon, and add this money to my Savings Account :)