Google AdSense Experiment - Huge Leader board Ad Unit

Updated: 21 September, 2017 seen 111

Soon this blog will mark its 4th birthday. The blog has gone a long way, it has increased its monthly audience from humble 30 users to over 100,000. There have been involved a lot of experiments to get here, including experiments with ad units placements - Google AdSense experiments.

Despite getting a decent website traffic, averaging at about 100,000 users in the past months, income from Google AdSense still has been pretty low here. Can't complain much, in the past 8 years have earned about $2,000 from Google AdSense. Now, I've always searched for ways to improve earnings here. It helps to be tech-savvy, and the sky is the limit when talking about technical implementation. Drupal here

In the past, I've played a lot with plug&play AdSense ad units, trying to document most important changes, here is the list of useful reading (in no particular order):

There is no clear answer, do these experiments have helped actually. In theory - kind of yes. Practical - probably. One is for sure - I haven't observed sudden huge improvements. Something helps, something not. That' s why I call them - Google AdSense experiments.

Now, the latest idea I decided to test - huge leader-board ad unit on top of all articles:

Google AdSense Leader board ad unit

Google AdSense Leaderboard ad unit

Idea about huge leaderboard ad unit on top of all pages come after I decided to decrease .container width for web page from 1170px to 980px (for screens over 1200px). As there were a lot of white space left over - a place for Google AdSense ad unit freed up. 

Now it's just time to test how well or bad this ad placement will perform and decide - to keep it or remove it. That's why we perform experiments, right?


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