Green Enefit IPO - 19% income return in 15 days

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On October 6, 2021, I subscribed to 32 shares of Enefit Green during companies IPO. I got subscribed at EUR 2.90.

On the first trading day on the Nasdaq Baltics, I sold all my 32 shares at EUR 3.46 or realized 0.56 cents per share (before taxes). That translates to about 19% gain in just 15 days. 

Sadly my investment was just EUR 100, so do the gains were humble if exchanged to EUR value.

Well, this was interesting, already the second IPO from the Baltics I took participation (the first one being DelfinGroup from Latvia, where results are not so good yet)

I wouldn't say I'm super excited about the gains. Yes, they are nice, but trading in the US stock market gives us much more opportunities. and gains of 10%+ are not rare on a daily basis. 

Anyhow, as someone with a Baltic origin, I like investing in the Baltic market, and Green benefit indeed seems one of the most interesting deals of this year. Most probably in years to come, we will see only stock value appreciation, but that's already another story