Hashflare Prices Lowered, Is Cloud Mining Profitable Right Now?

Updated: 19 April, 2018 seen 1,188

I didn't actually notice when did happened the previous price lowering for HashFlare cloud mining contracts, but yesterday I noticed the price for some of the contracts is actually cut by half.

In my previous April 2018 HashFlare.io review I concluded, that cloud mining doesn't look any more attractive (at least in April), now with such steep price lowering, I believe it's a good time to revise my previous thoughts.

On the other hand, new price levels apply only for the newly purchased contracts, previously purchased contracts aren't affected. Back in the December 2017, the price for 1TH/s bitcoin cloud mining contract was $220. Now, the price is only $60 for 1 TH/s, that means that the price for bitcoin cloud mining contracts has dropped almost four times in just four months. Insane.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links to hashflare.io cloud mining website, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on hashflare.io, I will earn a 10% affiliate income at no cost to you

In my previous review, I decided to stop investing fresh money once in the month into hashlfare cloud mining contracts. Now, with this huge price lowering, I decided to review my plans and see should I resume my monthly investment. Still keeping it a low profile, risking with just ~ $20/mo. Now, with just $20.40 I can purchase already 0.34 TH/s hashing power.

Let's see how does it stand into BTC cloud mining calculator:

Bitcoin cloud mining profitability

Bitcoin cloud mining profitability 

It should be mentioned that hashflare takes $0.0035/daily maintenance fee for every 10GH/s - which is about $0.119 daily or $3.57/mo for 0.34 TH/s, so instead of $5.49, I should be getting about $1.92/mo, making ROI for such $20 dollar investment in little more than 10 months. In theory, could break even before mining contract expires after one year.

Now, as I have already purchased hashing power of 1.49 TH/s with such additional investment I would increase the total hashing power to 1.83TH/s

Bitcoin mining calculator

Bitcoin mining calculator

Again instead of getting $29.56 monthly, I should deduct maintenance fee, which for me already would be $0.6405 daily or $19.21/mo. The total profit at the end of the month should be around $10.35. Which is still not bad, but frankly speaking not very attractive to me anymore. Well, in total my investment in hashflare.io cloud mining since December would be very humble, just barely $132. On the other hand, $10.35/mo would break even after more than 12 months. Currently not interesting.

Now, let's see could we get some good ROI if we would decide to invest at least $1,000 in  HashFlare bitcoin cloud mining contracts now

For $1,020 we could purchase 17TH/s hashing power

Bitcoin hashflare mining profitability 17 TH/s

Bitcoin hashflare mining profitability 17 TH/s

First impressions are good - $274/mo or $3,335/year, but let's not forget about the maintenance fee's, which for a 17TH/s cloud contract will be ~ $5.95daily or about $178.5/mo, leaving us with a humble $95.5 profit monthly. In theory, after a year we could reach $1,146 or $146 in profit. That's 14.6% interest rate annually. That's a great number in a classical stock market or peer to peer lending, but speaking of crypto? 14.6%? Nada.

You should be very enthusiastic minded putting some large money here right now, hopping BTC to double in value until the end of this cloud mining contract. On the other hand, if you would put $1,000 directly in BTC today and in case it would double in value in a year your profit would be 100%. Simple

Currently, hashflare is running additional 25% discount for all cloud mining contracts, let's do another math how much hash power we could buy with the same $1,020 and how much profit that would give in theory. (25% Discount For Hashflare Cloud Mining Contracts)

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$1,366.67-25%= $1,020

For $1,350 we could buy 22.5 TH/s by applying 25% discount we would save $337.5 and our total investment would be just $1,012.5

Bitcoin mining calculator

Bitcoin mining calculator

Again, great numbers with the first look, but let's add maintenance fee, which for 22.5TH/s would be $7.87 daily or about $236/mo. Total profit around $126/mo. In theory, in a year we could make a profit about $500. Which in fact is a nice 50% gain. Unreal numbers for stocks or peer to peer lending. 

Before, actually hitting the magical purchase button, think about what could happen in a month, three or 12 months from today. Bear in mind mining difficulty and crypto exchange rates.

The Bottom Line

Have you been investing in HashFlare.io? What are your thoughts on this cloud mining company? Leave a comment, readers and I would love to hear!

Disclosure:  This article contains affiliate links to hashflare.io cloud mining website, by clicking on links on this page and by making a purchase on hashflare.io, I will earn a 10% affiliate income at no cost to you. Also, I'm not a financial advisor and I don't give you any advice, I'm just sharing my own experience. Investments in stocks, funds, bonds or cryptos are risk investments and you could lose some or all of your money. Do your due diligence before investing in any kind of asset. 


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